Sep 8, 2008

To My Fledgling Foodie Readers

For those of you who are beginning cooks or those of you who don’t view yourself as being able to make toast without burning it, you have come to the right place. Thanks to my friend Kate and her comment on Face Book, I have decided to add this section for all of those who are like her and look at a frying pan like a flying saucer.

1. Read the WHOLE recipe carefully before you start.
Sometimes I’ll even read it through a few times to get it in my mind what I need to be doing. You can make almost ANY recipe, I promise, if you trust the recipe.

2. Do your prep work before you fire the flame.
Before you start heating up your oil (if applicable), make sure your ingredients are chopped and or ready near by, and have your utensils ready. If you have cans that need to be opened, open them. What you want to avoid is: needing to do two things at once – i.e: your chicken is cooking quicker than you thought and you need to add the liquid but alas the can isn’t open yet! AHHH stress! You see?

3. If you have a question, ASK.
Ask me by leaving a post or an email ( or look online. Yahoo/Google are great resources. So are some great web site I have links to on the blog.

4. Don’t be intimidated by a long list of ingredients or instructions.
For example, the Lady’s and Son’s Lasagna post looks really hard. The list of ingredients is long, and it takes a long time to make. However, it really is simple. You don’t need any special skills to put it all together. It is a really fun dish to make with a friend, loved one, or significant other because you can do the work together (it is labor intensive – that means it take a long time to make, it doesn’t mean it is difficult :^).

5. Be confident.
Even really great cooks make things that taste awful sometimes. Or recipes don’t always taste as good as they look. Once you get comfortable with some basics, you’ll take off – trust me!

I have decided I will post a few more very simple recipes that will also teach techniques needed for basic cooking. I hope you all enjoy!

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